G-SPOT Everlasting 2016!

Lady Alma Gills presents a spiritual retreat to inspire and help women to identify, reclaim, and establish a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Father through the power of God’s touch. G’SPOT God’s Perpetual Touch is a women’s conference dealing with changing your condition to an upright position.  If you have been broken hearted, abused or misused this conference is for you.  Women who attend will be empowered to overcome spiritual strongholds and fill voids in their souls.

Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole has been called “the rose of Gospel,” “the church girl,” and “evangelist” but more than anything else, three time Grammy award winner Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole is a fired up sister for Christ and one of the most gifted vocalist in the music world today.

Guest Speaker: Minister Towanna Charles is a dynamic singer, actress, play write, director, conference speaker and minister of the gospel.  Minister Charles is also Founder of Towanna Charles Ministries a ministry designed to help women of God discover their purpose, develop their power and embrace their passion.

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